How to buy a house

The home
buying timeline

The home buying timeline

There are so many steps to securing your new home that it can feel impossible to get to grips with everything. If it feels like too much, take a deep breath and zoom out. Here’s the whole process, step by step, with rough timings.


Save your deposit and think about your budget.Takes as long as you want!


Put your property on the market (if you have one), book your first mortgage broker appointment, and find a conveyancer.Takes 1-2 weeks


Choose your mortgage deal.Takes a few days


Gather your paperwork and send everything your conveyancer asks for.As soon as you can


Get an Agreement in Principle.Takes around 24 hours


View properties, make an offer, and have one accepted.Takes 1-8 months +


Get surveys done on your new home.Takes 2-4 weeks


Apply for your mortgage and submit your paperwork, then wait for your lender’s surveys and final mortgage decision.Takes 18-40 days +


Exchange contracts, agree a completion date, send the funds to the seller via your conveyancer, and complete.Takes 2 weeks from exchange to completion


Move in!

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